Time for something new

We’re always coming up with new ideas to light up the night.

GIF booths, bullet-time rig, light painting – if you can dream it, our team can make it.

Welcome to the future of photo experiences.

There are photo booths, and there are ‘What is that?! Me next!” photo experiences. Meet the bullet-time rig.

Our circular frame is rigged with up to 100 cameras, ready to capture you from every angle. All 360 degrees of you.

Hop in the middle, strike a (dramatic) pose and zap - there you have it. You’ll instantly have a seamless video of your time freeze, ready to be shared on social media. This set-up is dramatic, and the content created is pretty awesome. If you imagine The Matrix, you’re not far wrong.

Introducing our Freezus Curve: Bringing the ultimate in 3D photo technology in a perfectly event sized package.

The fully customisable Curve is rigged with 10 cameras, to create a smooth, 3D effect photo finish. We’ll create a seamless GIF or MP4 video of your time freeze, ready to be shared instantly on social media.

If you’re looking to amplify your next event, the Freezus Curve provides your guests with content they won’t be able to resist sharing.

Time to get animated. 

GIFs are cool and jumpy and fun. We create them by taking multiple rapid-fire photos, then sticking them together into a sharable animation, ready to share straight from the booth.

You can get prints of your GIFs, too - we can even animate them into a simple but stylish flipbook.  

The iPad Ring Light is the must-have accessory for any selfie!

This dimmable ring perfectly highlights and frames your face, giving a stunning glow to any portrait. Able to both floor and wall mount in almost any space, this portable solution is both adaptable and effective, creating branded stills, and GIFs perfect for sharing.

Oh, and did we mention it can text you your gif straight from screen? Yes, yes it can. The latest addition to The Flash Pack family.

Our #Printing station is all about interacting with your guests in real-time. It’s the photo booth that puts the camera in your guest’s pocket.

Here’s how it works. Your guests snap photos on their phones, upload them to Twitter or Instagram using the event’s hashtags, then head on over to our #Printing station to pick up the real thing. Simple, right?

Your guests get prints they love, instantly. And you get an easy-to-track boost to your social media engagement, branded prints, and a statement photo wall. Everyone wins.

We’ve all seen green screens before, but have we all seen what it can really do for your photo experience?

Propel your guests into a new dimension using green screen photo booths for stills, GIFs and videos. Available on all our photo tech, we’ve been doing this for years.

Want endless creativity in the palm of your hands? Something to make your guests say “OMG!”? Our light painting photo booths create just that.

Using the latest tech, and whilst controlling the light sources in the shot, we dance behind your subject, painting the night away. The result? ‘No two the same’ photos, social media ready.

Colours, images, words and patterns, we can do it all!


Zoe Barker

Senior Creative Account Manager

0203 875 5521

Gemma Harvey

Senior Creative Account Manager

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