Adidas Tango League - #NeverFollow

Adidas wanted to create an immersive experience to celebrate their young urban players and the ongoing success of their internationally renowned Tango League and Blue Blast football boot collection.



Looking to move away from traditional football events, they wanted to create content for their #NeverFollow campaign that showcased the most creative & innovative players, and gave both influencers and sponsors a vehicle to reach their substantial followings.

A two-part event, Adidas planned to split the venue between 5-aside games and an interactive photographic experience, allowing players to create dynamic content to share instantly on their social platforms, giving them the chance to fulfil the potential for recognition and gain social notoriety amongst peers.

Adding to the live experience was the surprise appearance of iconic West Ham players, Sam Byram and Reece Burke, who added to the professional feel of the interactive photo shoot. To highlight the success of their Blue Blast collection, we installed vivid blue lasers focused directly on the floor in the shape and style of the Tango League Logo; the colour, highlighting their Blue Blast football boots.

We wanted the young players to feel as if they were a part of an authentic Adidas photoshoot transforming them into professional footballers. Using our 360-degree Bullet Cam photo technology, it enabled the capturing of players and products ‘in action’.

We utilised a multi-camera set to add a more dynamic tone to the shots, emphasising the quality of the content and making it highly shareable.

Adidas Tango League




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The event resonated with both players and football influencers and was a success regarding consistency of experience as part of Adidas’ wider campaign. Individuals to the event cited the ‘quality of photographic content coming from the interactive experience giving them a reason to share’.

  • During the live event, the dynamic content created a surge in social shares with an estimated reach of 15,463 across email and social, including a 76% email open rate.
  • Afterwards, football influencers, Harry Winks, Reece Burke and Sam Byram shared their in-action 3D GIFs to a collective audience of over 61.5k followers.
  • Adidas Football shared the imagery to over 22.5 mi followers with over 57k views resulting in an E.S.R. of 6.8 million*!

*Estimated Social Reach = 6,787,382

The Results

  • 296 Shares on the Day
  • 76% Email Open Rate
  • 6.8m Estimated Social Reach