Google: Break The Internet - #GoogleSocial

The clue is in the title..



Taking inspiration from the Iconic Drake video for Hotline Bling, (which has seen a whopping 658 million youtube views as of April 2016 and nearly broke the internet when it arrived on our screens), partner agency, Amplify, tasked us to create a digital and social experience at Google's London Event Space that quite simply, had to be shared.





See the full gallery from the night here.


Knowing that a simple video recording just wouldn't cut it, and inspired by the recent boom in Instagram's new app, Boomerang, we opted for a something a little bit more playful..

Placing our subjects as the focal point in a colour changing lightbox (as per the video of note), and with DJ's including WSTRN and SEMTEX pumping the tunes through the speakers, the handpicked social media influencers strutted their stuff whilst we captured every move.

The result? Well, we think the digital content kinda speaks for itself. The fact the event was trending on twitter shows the power that cool content and social influencers coming together can bring. But what happens when that social post fades into newsfeed oblivion?  Guests needed a tangible takeaway and memory of their night, so, we created a mini flipbook of their Bling Booth moment, meaning the night could never be forgotten.

  • Hyper GIF Booth
  • Bespoke Set
  • Video Output
  • Live Social Shares


  • 532 GIFS
  • 150 Flipbooks
  • 1 # trending on twitter
  • 63M Twitter Impressions