Bumble x Field Day - #bumblexfieldday

A thoroughly floral, garden themed photo activation at Field Day for the dating app, Bumble



The brief was to create a branded, outdoor themed activation, pulling in elements of an English garden, with an emphasis on flowers. Consumers should be able to capture content and share instantly on social media. The content should be shareable and fun.


Held at Victoria Park in East London, the annual music festival played host to an eclectic mix of musicians, DJs and artists.

The 11th anniversary held a lot of change for the festival. Rather than hosting a two-day event, Field Day took place for just one day on Saturday this year and also introduced a new tent, called The Barn.

The social networking lifestyle app brings to life online relationships. As such, Bumble were looking for a video activation that would create, save and share memories.

They wanted to create an activation at the festival, citing ‘music is an experience, music is a bridge to emotion, music creates shareable moments with friends and loved ones, music triggers our favourite memories.'

With over 55,000 festival goers attending, we had to create a set that would compliment the day’s activities and lineup, as well as attracting a large portion of guests whose main aim was to visit the music tents.


We created a bespoke 3D flower wall to use as a backdrop for the content. In order to complement the day’s activities, we wanted to reflect the time of year and the youthful energy of the guests. We hand selected the flowers, and arranged these to create a stunning live backdrop. We styled an entire tent to the Bumble "garden" brief, decorating the tent with ivy, flowers, festoon lights and a picket fence. Bumble's custom-made neon sign was the centrepiece of the 10ftx10ft 3D flower wall.

Influencers @pedrozeek @laura_wardy @leonnward @keashbraids were all invited to participate in the activation, with the aim of creating exciting content, to instantly share across their social feeds.


  • 381 videos captured in 8 hours
  • 258 Social Shares
  • 68% share rate