Calvin Klein x Justin Bieber - #Mycalvins

A Europe-wide retail activation for concert goers.



To celebrate Justin Bieber's "Purpose" comeback tour, Imprint Projects were looking to create an interactive retail activation for Calvin Klein that would provide an engaging experience for fans, while promoting the product in an authentic way.

They needed instantly sharable content, to create excitement around the brand and the retail unit.



  • GIF Booth
  • 3 Cities


Awardwinning Art Director Brian Roettinger designed a modular booth covered in life size Justin Bieber imagery, and The Flash Pack were brought in to deliver the technology behind the vision.

The project resulted in 1131 GIFS, 520 shares and an estimated reach of 14,528.


  • 1131 GIFS
  • 520 Social Shares
  • 14,528 Reach