Google - #MadebyGoogle

The biggest Google product launch ever, and massive 3D content



For the London launch of the #MadebyGoogle range, we were approached by Google and Jack Morton, to create an innovative multi-camera rig with their soon to be released Pixel 2.

Hosted at the Old Selfridges Hotel, The Curiosity Rooms was a private event for VIPs and the tech press. Activations were to be innovative, eye-catching, and instantly shareable.



With the Pixel 2 two weeks from release - we started by getting hands-on with the phone. It was from getting to know the camera hardware that we decided to create a sequential camera rig to capture 3D content.

So we could manually control the exposure settings on the Pixel 2, our Creative Technicians created a bespoke, android app. This would allow us to control and trigger the 15 phones in sequence, capturing the 3D content and making it instantly shareable.

To make our activation pop, we designed the capture space to be an eye catching and 'instagram ready' art installation. Within this large white space, we created a large canopy of metallic balloons, extending out of the space; adding a feeling of excitement and wonder.


With the doors open and the VIPs out of the main Google keynote talk; they were welcomed into the Pixel 2 activation.

Capturing amazing, bright 3D photos with the Pixel 2 - guests were able to immediately share their content via their social accounts; creating a massive buzz on the #MadebyGoogle launch night.

Following the success of the press launch event on the 4th of October, the Curiosity Rooms saw mass press coverage in the tech and general press. The Curiosity Rooms were also opened to the public on the 19th to the 22nd  - with specialist talks taking place, alongside even more awesome content being captured and shared. The activation was so successful it subsequently toured a number of additional high profile exhibitions and events.


  • 502 Videos Captured
  • 464 Social Shares
  • 93% SHARE RATE