Google Red - #ISeeRed

An interactive event that challenged the notion of perception.



  • Working with Slice, The Flash Pack were briefed to create an interactive photo experience that encouraged participation at a Google Partner event at Victoria House, London.

  • The photo experience should fit in with the theme of the event which was to challenge guests’ notions of perception and a world without colour, only brought to life by the colour red.

  • Slice and Google wanted a shareable photo experience that participants could upload to their social accounts.


  • To ensure the highest quality content was produced from the event, The Flash Pack provided the innovative Freezus Curve photo technology.

  • The Freezus Curve was positioned in front of an angled white backdrop, to keep in tone with the ‘world without colour' theme.

  • The Flash Pack design team created a 3D overlay that was added to the content and created another immersive element to the images. The creative for this was inspired by the ‘red’ theme of the evening and featured a red diamond, which was a motif for the event.

  • The Freezus Curve camera rig technology captured the moment in a series of high resolution photographs, stitched together to form a smooth 3D video.  Red confetti was provided for the photo shoot to add another aspect of interactivity.

  • Post photo shoot, participants were encouraged to share their Freezus Curve video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and via email by touch screens. 

  • Freezus Curve
  • Bespoke 3D Overlay
  • Social Sharing


  • 179 Videos
  • 317 Total Shares
  • 177% Share Rate