HMD Global x Nokia: Ibiza - #Bothie

The innovative Nokia 8, and getting into the hands of top creative influencers



Building on the success of our IFA Berlin partnership, HMD Global approached us for the widespread launch of the Nokia 8 in Western Europe.

Looking to align with the electronic music scene, we were to get the phone into the hands of influencers and creative talent; telling both sides of their story to their target audience of creative, 18 to 30-year-olds.

With a large concentration of their target audience being in Ibiza throughout the season, the Nokia 8 would naturally fit into the story based narrative that deeply resonates within this group.



To create a social buzz surrounding the product launch of the Nokia 8, we produced a multi-tiered, content-led solution that involved social influencers, talent, press and venues. All built around the principle of shooting content to create a story surrounding the creative culture of Ibiza.

Kicking this off, we formed a media partnership with our friends at Ibiza Club News. Using the Bothie feature, and producing content daily, their social team captured behind the scenes content of the legendary closing parties on their Nokia 8; directly shared to thier audience of 650K followers. 

The second part was in creating a talent partnership with flagship DJs, Sam DivineSteve Lawler and the Mambo Brothers. Working closely with our on the ground video team, three pieces of video content were produced from this and were shared from their social channels and on the Nokia Mobile Facebook page

Trailing the partnerships with the flagship DJs, we forged partnerships with a selection of up and coming DJs, such as Eli & Fur and Ryan Crosson. Through these partnerships, we saw incredible bothies captured and shared with their music-loving, social followers.

Headlined by Cafe Mambo, we created a venue partnership with them and Ibiza Rocks. With the Nokia 8 being used to capture bothies on; photos and videos were shared over over a ten-day leadup to their legendary closing parties. This created unique content surrounding the Nokia 8, and gave a glimpse into the venues for their followers.


To connect even further with the HMD Global target audience, we partnered with 17 carefully selected Western European, social media influencers. Wanting to show them and their followers the best of Ibiza through the Nokia 8, we created a weekend long, curated tour of the island; exploring it's lesser known spots, and showcasing the best Ibiza had to see.

Content was captured by our video team and on the social influencer's Nokia 8 phones; to be seeded through the influencer's social channels and to their mass of followers.



Over the three-week campaign, widespread news of the Nokia 8 spread through our partners and to their audiences. This saw a massive rise in conversations around the Nokia 8, and gained over 19 million impressions.

Most notably, the Sam Divine content ranked as the top performing video on the Nokia Mobile Facebook page, for the past 12 months.

This aligned the Nokia 8 with their electronic music-loving target audience of young creatives, with a passion for lifestyle-oriented content. Drawing new leads through this organic, influencer lead wave of marketing; keeping at the heart of the Nokia 8, and showing both sides of the story.


  • 265 Pieces of Content
  • 180 K Likes & Views
  • 19 M Estimated Social Reach