House of Vans - #HouseOfVans

A GIF booth with live projection slideshow at pop up event space; Street Manchester.



  • Replace HOV's dated and difficult to use photo booth with a new, up to date pop up solution
  • Create a photographic experience at Street Manchester that appeals to three very different audiences: press, adults and families.
  • Help promote House of Vans and the event across social media
  • Give guests a shareable and memorable experience!


  • A fully branded retro booth offering both branded print outs to guests, and super cool GIFS to share live on social media.
  • Addition of a GIF slideshow animated users content onto a huge wall projection viewed by all
  • Predetermined text allowed for better tracking of event conversation, and post-event comms.
  • Suiting the House of Vans brand, this super cool photo booth slotted in beautifully to an industrial style skate space 

  • GIF Booth
  • Live Photo Streaming
  • Branded Photos
  • Branded Booth
  • Social Sharing


  • 3 days
  • 569 GIFS
  • 201 total shares
  • 583 microsite page views