Instagram Stories Studio x PSG - #instagramstories

Studio produced creative shoot utilising video, multi camera rig and phone captured content.



Instagram needed to create content worthy of being shared by Paris Saint-Germain F.C football players to promote the launch of Instagram Stories in France. Instagram approached The Flash Pack to design and create a number of visual experiences that would form a creative narrative specifically for their Stories platform.



To ensure the content was visually stunning, The Flash Pack created a number of shoot spaces, including an infinity mirrored tunnel complete with neon strobe lights in the club colours: blue, red and white. The players entered the tunnel, mimicking the tension and build up pre-match, with the feeling of anticipation amplified by the bold set design. Content here was captured by a video team, director and on-site editor with audio overlayed to the video for additional impact.


  • Bespoke Design
  • Custom Made Set


The second part of the player journey was captured as an Instagram Boomerang, capturing each of the players showing off their signature ball skills, using the players' own iPhones to take the images.

The final chapter of the Instagram Story sees the player on the 'pitch'. We experimented with lighting to create a dramatic spot light, contrasted against a dark set. Large neon letters spelling ‘PSG’ were added to the set to keep within the neon theme of the whole experience and to add another interesting visual aspect to the content. This final element was captured in 3D form with our Freezus Curve technology. This photographic technique created an intense and cinematic finish to the Instagram story, with the players captured athletically in motion.

We captured and created the behind-the-scenes promo video, showcasing the whole event for future use.

The social content was captured in 4k and edited within 5 minutes to be shared on the players feeds.

We shot 16 players in 4 hours who had a combined Instagram following of 28.7 million.

  • Moving Content
  • Immediate Instagram Seeding


  • 4 hour shoot
  • 16 players
  • 28.7M Combined Instagram Following of Players & Team