IWC Zurich - #ForTheLoveOfCinema

A Wes Anderson inspired lift scene for IWC at the Zurich Film Festival



To celebrate the Zurich Film FestivalIWC Schaffhausen partnered with us to create content of influential VIPs at their event.

Content created was to take inspiration from their hashtag, #ForTheLoveOfCinema and was to be instantly shareable to guest’s social channels.



Having researched the Zurich Film Festival’s history and the venue it was being hosted in; we created a heavily stylised theme that pulled inspiration from classic Wes Anderson movies, such as ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’. Using this theme, a classic elevator scene was designed and built.

The decision was made to shoot all content on video. By shooting on video, we could create a highly engaging, small movie scene that guests couldn’t help but share to their cinema loving followers.

To speed up the turnaround time, two of the three main shots in the scene were captured in advance. This was to minimise the time guests would have to be on-set and speed up social sharing of the content.




With the luxurious elevator set built; VIPs of the festival were able to take part in the small social video shoot.

After video content was captured - the video was instantly edited and seeded to guests for sharing via their social channels.

Amongst the influencers sharing their own mini movie scenes were movie stars James Marsden of Westworld and supermodel Xenia Tchoumi - all sharing the luxurious brand message of IWC to their followers, using the #ForTheLoveOfCinema hashtag.