John Lewis - #FindYourSummer

3 x Location shopping centre tour with a digital and social focus.



Commissioned by PrettyGreen on behalf of John Lewis, we were tasked with creating a photographic experience adding value to John Lewis' #FindYourSummer campaign and fitting in line with their key category releases such as extreme sports and beach and swim tech.


We helped John Lewis’ consumers to 'find their summer' by immersing them in a unique photographic experience, tying back to the key category pushes. The experience was promoted with live social media uploads of the GIFs on stand, to aid in the retailers sale of their summer tech.

We used a recent development in GIF & Green Screen technology to create an inviting and unique experience that made it seem as though participants were taking part in the summer activities themselves.

  • Branded Booth
  • Green Screen
  • GIF Booth
  • Social Sharing


  • 3 Locations
  • 650 GIF's created
  • 928 Social shares