Legion Premier - #Legion

A superpower themed release event for Fox x Marvel’s hit TV show, Legion



For the release of the new FoxMarvel TV series, Legion; we partnered with our friends at Pretty Green, to create a photo experience.

Attending the premiere would be VIP influencers and members of the entertainment press. The activation had to be eye-catching, capture the unique feel of the show and be instantly shareable on social media.


Having researched the show; the activation was to focus on a famous scene from the Legion's teaser campaign.

To recreate the scene of the protagonist, David, at the moment he discovers his telekinetic abilities - the Mutant Lounge was created. A custom 3D background was built that used levitating pots, pans, plates, kitchenware and teatowels.

To capture this space with guests in it, a multi-camera array of 10 high-res cameras was created for capturing crisp 3D content. Image turnaround was automated, making the GIFS of VIPs ready to be instantly sharing via the touch screens.


With the doors open at the Mutant Lounge in Century Club, Soho - press and VIPs were able to recreate the famous scene, performing their best telekinetic poses in front of our 3D photo rig.

The event saw an overnight surge in social shares using the hashtag #MutantLounge and received mass press coverage, as well as being featured in CampaignLive.


  • 150 Videos captured
  • 161 Total Shares
  • 107% share rate