Massimo Dutti - #TheCallMadrid

A bespoke video experience for the launch of Massimo Dutti’s AW17 collection during their iconic fashion show in Madrid



For the launch of the Massimo Dutti AW17 collection - we were briefed to create a unique photo experience to reflect the high-end principles of their brand. This was to be held during their fashion show, The Call Madrid


Looking at the brief outline, we started by pulling inspiration from current fashion trends whilst researching Massimo Dutti; their brand ideals and the venue they were using for the show. We also took massive inspiration from David Hockney’s famed artworks of using mosaics within his work - breaking down compositions into smaller parts.

After assembling a variety of concept boards, we chose to go the contemporary route of shooting in black & white. By shooting in this format, we could capture a classic, chic look that is synonymous with high-fashion.

To capture the content, we made the decision to shoot on video; creating a unique look and making the finished results massivly engaging. In order to capture the content, we created a capture space for the VIPs. The output was to be a short, looped video focusing in on different areas of the subject. By focusing in on a number of elements of the guest, we were able to make content - showcasing each person's individuality.

The final result is a classic, yet contemporary look; giving an extra level of interaction. This was to leave a strong, memorable representation of Massimo Dutti’s ideals upon the guests.


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