Michael Kors X Tatler

A fun, playful space to showcase 26 up-and-coming models for Michael Kors x Tatler at the iconic Saatchi Gallery, London.



The brief was to create a fun, playful activation space for 750 guests and 26 up-and-coming models at the English Roses 2017. The activation must also have the ability to be simplified, for the three public open days following the main event. The design and content were to be original, flawless immediately shareable. 



Held at The Saatchi Gallery, The English Roses 2017 was a celebration of Tatler’s eye for spotting up and coming talent, and showcasing them.

Michael Kors x Tatler wanted a live video activation space, themed around a fun kaleidoscopic disco. This was to be created for their 750 influential guest and 26 models to go into - dancing around and having an amazing video created. All quickly edited and ready to share with their social media followers.

To make this into a reality, we set up a video capturing and editing area within the soft, yet bright hexagonal activation space, with transparent walls. It was decorated with swirling patterns of balloons and added loose balloons, creating depth and an exciting place to move around in.



To create the kaleidoscopic effect, our Creative Technicians wrote a fully bespoke, custom video editing script from scratch. This allowed the videographers to shoot video of the guests dancing in the space, to then be processed by the script, with multiple layers of post-production effects added. This custom script, would speed up the workflow and quickly create content to be shared on the social screens during the event.

For the three days following the main event, a secondary rig needed to be configured, so we enlisted the use of our Mod booth. This was also set it up with a custom editing script, for seamless use over the following days. 



Now that the activation was set up and looking amazing - guests entered and moved around in the bright, balloon filled room. With our videographers capturing the videos and sending it to the tethered computer - they were immediately processed by our custom script; Within moments of leaving the space, guests could see their incredible kaleidoscopic videos on the mounted touch screens and instantly shared them via their social accounts.

Over the English Roses launch party and three days following - Instagram and Twitter feeds were filled with bright and colourful videos, showcasing the English Roses’ models and guests of the evening.


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