Netflix - #Netflix

The UK launch of three Netflix Originals shows, and three photographic shoots to showcase them.



For the UK launch of three Netflix Original shows, we were briefed to create three photo activation spaces, for shows; Stranger ThingsRiverdale and Pretty Little Liars.

Collaborating with our friends at Livity - each area within the activation was to celebrate an iconic scene from the TV shows. 


Being fans of these shows, we started by establishing famous scenes from them; creating multiple concepts based on their styling.

As each experience would take up a large area, a popular location was scouted within the Arndale Mall, Manchester. This would give us space to create a Hollywood inspired set - reminiscent of being behind the scenes.

Playing on the theme of the supernatural, and pulling from the 80’s styled aesthetic of Stranger Things; the iconic woodland chase scene was recreated. Added touches to the scene, would include a box of Eggos, walkie-talkies, and of course - the bikes, with fog lingering in the background. The content was to be captured using multiple cameras - creating 3D photos.

Riverdale has a large focus at the High School - so a scene was built to recreate the famous school corridor; where lots of slow-motion tracking shots happen. Tracked shots were to be filmed in super slowmo - capturing this famous shot with fans.

Pretty Little Liars explores the darker side of friendship, and has a strong theme of mystery. To stay on-key with the current season, we used the iconic Police line-up scene, and were to capture GIFs of guests mimicking the signature look.



With the set built, cameras at the ready, and guests queuing outside - the doors were opened to the Netflix activation. Guests rushed into each experience to re-live their favourite moments from the shows. 

A massive wave of Netflix inspired content was pushed out through nearly one thousand social accounts on the day; creating a real big buzz around the shows.


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