Peugeot – #MY108 Holi One

Roaming photographers delivering live branded content and social uploads at this London based paint festival.



To promote the launch of the new Peugeot 108, focusing on the ability to personalise the car to match your style. To create a unique and engaging experience to enhance the #My108 social media campaign.


Working with A Little Bird and utilising the colourful setting, our aim was to show that the 108 could be personalised to fit all personalities and styles.

Participants were invited to have their photos taken with the car. Once on stage they were encouraged to explore the car, posing with it, in it, on it. During the shoot paint was handed to them to throw over the car. The photos were instantly streamed to a bank of iPads where users could share their branded #My108 photo to Twitter and Instagram, as well as picking up a branded print out.

We utilised a series of roaming photographers and slow-motion technology to capture the car getting paint thrown on it.

  • Live Event Photography
  • Live Photo Streaming
  • Live Social Sharing
  • Branded Photo Prints


  • 3732 #My108 prints
  • 6531 customers
  • 2272 social shares
  • 446,035 reached via social