Reebok - #ClubWorkout

Black & white triptych photography and GIFs, to celebrate the launch of the Reebok Club Workout collection



In conjunction with the launch of Reebok Club Workout, a new collection of street style trainers; we were briefed to create a unique photography experience for the influential VIPS attending launch night.

The key criteria for the experience was to capture content in black & white, in sets of threes - creating triptych outputs of headshots, body shots, and a trainer shot. The captured content was to be displayed as GIFs, and being a Flash Pack photo experience, guests were to be able to take prints home after the activation.


To make this into a reality, we set up studio lighting within the activation space, and enlisted one of our in-house photographers to capture content throughout activation.

This was accomplished by guests entering the space, being instructed to pose for three individual photos. After having them taken, they were automatically edited into GIFS and shown on the social screens, ready to be shared to their social accounts. Prints were to be immediately available for guest to show off to their friends.



The results were a stream of awesome triptych photos, capturing the look and feel of the Club Workout collection campaign - with influencers flaunting their great photos across their social accounts, and filling up newsfeeds for days to come.


  • 141 GIFS Taken
  • 88 Total Shares
  • 61% share rate