Tape London - #tapelondon

The Flash Pack transformed an unused space in Tape London nightclub into an interactive neon paradise. 



  • The Tape London nightclub in Hanover Square were looking for a custom designed photo experience for a small, unused space in the club as part of a refurbishment project.

  • The photo opportunity should produce creative and fun content that can be shared live to social media from the booth. 

  • The aesthetic aspect of the photo booth should fit with the tone of the nightclub. However, overall, The Flash Pack had creative freedom for the design of the install.

  • Both the content produced and the photo booth experience should be immersive and unique. They did not want traditional photos and needed something to make them stand apart from competitors.




  • Inspired by the Met Gala's Light Tunnel designed by Mary Howard Studio, The Flash Pack transformed the small space in Tape London into a neon, photo booth hub using mirrored walls and animated LED tube lights. The mirrors and lights created a visually stunning mirror infinity effect.

  • To capture the subjects in a unique and fun way, a fish eye camera was mounted into the installation, capturing an animated Hyper GIF when activated by the touchscreen.

  • The booth also contains speakers which play club music, while a preset track is added automatically to the content captured for added effect once shared.

  • After their photo shoot, participants have the option to share their content to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or by email via the socially enabled touchscreen and using preset copy with the hashtag #tapeturnsone


  • Installation
  • Live Social Sharing
  • Custom Designed
  • Custom Built


  • 1300+ PHOTOS TAKEN P/M