The Flash Pack X Louisa Parris

Working with our friend and designer, Louisa Parris, we set out to create something one of a kind.



London based fashion designer, Louisa Parris, approached us to create content for her social channels and store.

The brief was very straightforward:

"I want to see my hand printed scarves and dresses in a new context, I want to push the envelope on how to show the product in motion.”



Inviting Louisa to our Innovation Space, we were able to see her latest collection, which uses a combination of pastel tones, golds and block colours. 

After bouncing some ideas around, it was clear that we both really wanted to capture the airy feel to the printed fabrics. To make this happen, we created a 360 photo rig, using 60 DSLR cameras to freeze the subject in mid-motion and to be outputted as amazing 360° video.

To make the colours pop with contrast, we planned and designed a space using contrasting bright spotlights with a blackout environment. Showing off the flow of the fabrics, we teamed up with ballerina, Sophia Rose to wear the collection showing its movement. 


After a great day of shooting with Louisa, and our Creative Director, Tyson - we produced a series of incredible 360 freeze frame captures of the collection trapped in mid-motion.

We’re so proud of the content we created with Louisa, and after being used to launch the collection, we caught up with her and she said:

“The response to the photos has been fantastic and I can’t wait to work more with The Flash Pack, to see what we can create next!”

You can see more of Louisa’s beautiful work on her Instagram and her recent collection on her website.