The Vauxhall Speedy Selfie - #VauxhallFOS

The Flash Pack pioneered the ‘speedy selfie’ at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.



  • Working with Weber Shandwick, The Flash Pack should create a fun and engaging photo experience for all ages at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for Vauxhall.

  • The concept for the photo opportunity would be ‘what speed feels like’. The booth should allow users to experience what it would be like out on the track at Goodwood.

  • The Flash Pack should provide all the tech and social software required to allow the user-generated content to be shared in real time to Facebook, Twitter and by email.

  • The activation will be live for 4 days.



  • Social Sharing
  • Social Analytics
  • Branded Content


  • The Flash Pack custom built a wind machine pod, complete with the Mod freestanding booth and a Vauxhall branded backdrop.

  • The Mod booth was positioned to capture the subject being ‘blown away’ by the wind machine.

  • Participants were directed by booth attendants to ensure the best images were captured.

  • The Flash Pack designed a sleek Vauxhall branded microsite accessed via a Vauxhall branded email, as well as a bespoke overlay for the content.

  • All users were given the option of sharing their content immediately to social media with pre-set copy including the event hashtag: #VauxhallFOS

  • Custom Built Wind Machine Pod
  • Branded Microsite


  • 3,167 Speedy Selfies Taken
  • 66 Photos Per Hour
  • 447,775 Total Reach