What makes a good brand ambassador?

19th Jun

We at The Flash Pack strongly feel that word of mouth is one of the most positive forms of promotion and here there is no one more important to us than our brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors humanise our product and give our booths’ personality and a voice.



We thought we would put together a few do’s and don’ts for being a brand ambassador. Encompassing a brand and becoming part of the brand you work for isn’t easy if you have nothing in common with the brand itself. First off, like the brand you work for. If music isn’t your thing don’t go and work for Spotify. It sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many people are unhappy in their jobs and look at the title rather than the whole ethos of the company. You need to look at the wider personality of a brand and find where you fit.

Be approachable, be friendly and believe in your brand. Our brand ambassadors embody our corporate identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics. They are creative and enjoy capturing that moment of happiness that only a photo booth can capture. It’s seeing that moment just before a picture is taken, its seeing the relationship between each person in the booth. What makes people pull that face, or, pick that prop? You can get a real insight into people’s lives in the 20 seconds they spend in front of the camera. It’s fascinating!

Finally don’t be afraid to chat, you never know what can come of a conversation so make friends. Don’t be afraid to approach people and sing about your product. Being an ambassador for a brand is meant to be fun. You’re almost that cheerleader who's there on the sideline rain or shine spreading positive vibes and getting people on board!

If you are interested in becoming part of our pack, send us your CV and a brief bit about yourself to hello@itstheflashpack.com