The Flash Pack Stepped Up the Fun at the Beats 1 Run

8th Dec

The Flash Pack was on the scene for the first-ever globally interconnected 5K. Our custom GIF Booth was the perfect way to celebrate at the finish line


Back in October, the Beats 1 Run made history as the world’s first globally connected road race. Its main stages were located in four major cities across the globe: LA, New York, Paris and London and runners from nearly every age group and background took part.

Each participant received a pair of Powerbeats2 wireless earphones at check-in, enabling them to tune into a special Beats 1 Run broadcast during the race, using the high-energy, motivating tunes curated by world-renowned DJ Samantha Ronson to set the pace.

As runners took off simultaneously from four different starting lines in four different time zones, everyone was in sync, connected by the killer playlist. It was a pretty amazing thing to see so many people sharing that sense of excitement and unity — it’s not the kind of thing you see every day.

500 runners participated in the Beats 1 Run in London, each bringing two guests along to cheer them on – and more importantly, to join the after-party celebration at the fabulous Tobacco Dock.

The Celebration

Dancing men.

When the runners crossed the finish line, The Flash Pack was there to congratulate them with open arms – and a one-of-a-kind photo experience. We brought two of our custom-designed GIF photobooths so participants could capitalise on their runner’s high and capture their victorious post-run moment in all of its animated glory.

We knew the runners would be exhausted and exhilarated, so we made things as simple as possible – after all, no one wants to bother with a complicated camera experience right after finishing a 5K.

All runners had to do was hop in and strike their victory pose – our booth did the rest. With our intuitive sharing software, participants were able to easily upload their GIFs to social media in just a few clicks. They even got a stylish #Beats1Run print to take home and show off to their family and friends – a fitting trophy for any proud athlete.

Beats 1 Run

Spreading the Joy

As the 500 participants poured across the finish line, we expected they might stop to rest or pass out – instead, they made a beeline straight for our booths. The runners piled in – solo, in pairs, even seven or eight at a time. Over the course of event, we captured an impressive 208 GIFs!

We also created a Beats 1 Run microsite where runners could go to download their images and share them in the weeks after the event. The site logged 908 views during and immediately after the event – clearly we struck a chord. At the end of the day, we’re just happy to have been able to provide these athletes with a proper way to remember such a unique and incredible experience.