Brides the Show Just Got Turned Up a Notch

1st Oct

The Flash Pack is exhibiting at this year’s Brides the Show (2–4, October). Come check us out!


It’s autumn again, and you know what that means: the air is getting crisp... the leaves are beginning to turn... and thousands of wedding-crazed brides-to-be are about to descend upon the Business Design Centre in Central London!

The time has come for the third annual Brides the Show Expo, where future wives can come to peruse stunning white wedding dresses, sample scrumptious, multi-tiered vanilla cakes and enjoy a deliciously-muted glass of golden champagne.

Enter: The Flash Pack

This year, The Flash Pack is dropping by to stir things up a bit, and inject a burst of colour into the world of wedding planning. We’ll be spreading the fun over two stands creating and sharing fearless photographs all weekend. Each will feature photo booths like no other, and will give brides the chance to see just how much fun one of our booths can inject into their special day.

At our main stand, we’ll be showing off our Vintage Studio Set-Up. Don’t be fooled by it’s old-timey facade – the Vintage Studio is so beefed up on high-tech photo gadgetry it’s practically bursting out of its shirt. It’s the perfect choice for those who want a wedding with a touch of old-world elegance, without the old-world values. And this baby is socially connected as well, so brides can share their favourite shots with friends instantly!

Our second stand will feature one of our Mod Booths with a custom lightning bolt backdrop. Simple, sleek and always ready to go, just snap your photos up-front then pop around back to pick up an instant print. You can also share your pictures with family and friends using the Mod’s intuitive, photo sharing touchscreen. This one has it all!


Our main stand will also feature one of our amazing #Printers! What is a #Printer, you ask? Let us explain: First, someone snaps a picture with their smartphone or tablet. Next, they share said photo and add the pre-specified hashtag associated with your event. And voila! The #Printer instantly spits out a high-quality print.

What’s this got to do with weddings? We’re glad you asked: now, all of your guests can be wedding photographers! Whether it’s a heartfelt image of a beautiful moment at the ceremony, or an epic shot of your great-aunt Ethel getting freaky on the dancefloor, now wedding-goers can upload their photos to their favourite social channels and get instant prints in real-time.

Really, the #Printer is a win-win: not only will it make your big day more memorable – now you don’t have to worry about party favours either!

Now, Let’s Make Things a Little More Interesting...

To make things even spicier (because that’s what we do), we’ve cooked up a little competition. This year, one lucky bride will win a free photobooth to take her after-party to the next level.

Here’s how it works:

  • Jump in one of our two photo booths this weekend at Brides and snap some photos.
  • Wait with baited breath until we upload the album to our Facebook Page, first thing on Monday morning.
  • Tag your photo, and then scream at your friends until they start clicking that like button.
  • The bride that gets the most likes in a week wins!!!

Win, lose – anyway you cut it, this year’s Brides is definitely going to be one hell of a party. Track us down by the catwalk and in The Imagination Room for some ideas on how to add some flavour to your wedding. See you all this weekend!