How to Take Your Christmas Party to the Next Level

26th Nov

Tired of the same old Christmas party? The Flash Pack is here to reconnect you with your long lost festive spirit.


Old-timey carols that were out of date before they were even recorded; an impenetrable forest of tinsel, haphazardly strewn across the room; the token bowl of questionably-coloured punch that looks like it gave up on life years ago.

We’ve all been there before – those unfortunate festive gatherings that feel more like an artist’s interpretation of the word “awkward” than a spirited, Yuletide celebration.

But just because the weather outside is frightful, that doesn’t mean your Christmas party has to follow suit. This year, The Flash Pack is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to crank the seasonal cheer up to a solid 11.

Say Cheese and Make the Spirit Bright

Introducing the Booth Styler’s new, Xmas-inspired themes – guaranteed to make the season a whole lot brighter.

First, pick one of our four unique and stunning booths. Check out our Retro booth, a decidedly modern take on the classic photobooth experience, or throw it back even further with our Vintage booth for some glitzy and glamorous, old-world charm.

Our streamlined Mod booth may look simple, but it’s brimming with all of the latest in photo tech and social connectivity. And for those looking to go all out, our Airstream unit, a stylish vintage trailer turned immersive photo experience, will surely knock the holiday socks off even the staunchest Scrooge.

All of our booths come social media-ready – our highly-intuitive social software makes it easy for revellers to share their Christmas joy (and eggnog-inspired shenanigans) with friends and family, ensuring your event doesn’t fade with the New Year.

Next, make your party even more shareable with our three, festive-themed prop-boxes. Invite your guests to grab some gifts, don the traditional “ugly Christmas sweater” and reindeer antlers while they rock around the tree with our Xmas box.

Or whisk them away to a snow-covered chalet with the Alpine box, complete with old-timey skis, full-length fur coats and of course, some mountain goat heads thrown in for good measure.

And don’t forget our stylish Xmas cutout props, packed with everything you need to make your snaps stand out from the crowd, whether it’s a beard your face is craving or a little gingerbread man, good enough to eat.

Top it all off with a seasonally-appropriate backdrop – a snow-capped mountain range, a wintry village, a cool sleighbell pattern – and your Christmas scene will be complete.

Customised Booths For You

While our glamorous booths and stylish props are head-turners in their own right, we offer a number of added features to bump things up to the next level. One of the most popular options is our GIF Booth – the booth snaps several, rapid-fire shots of guests and stitches them into a short, fun animated image. That, along with any other festive pics, can be shared immediately over social channels via a highly intuitive touchscreen attached to the booth.

We also offer fully customisable branding options. With our wide range of LED Perspex fronts and made-to-order vinyl booth wraps, you can make your brand the focus of any Christmas event. And don’t leave your guests empty-handed – guests will receive prints of their favourite snaps instantly, which can be branded with a customisable, event-related design of your choosing.

This year, the choice is clear – with our highly-customisable booths and festive holiday prop boxes, you can make your Christmas party the most fun (and shared) event of the season.