Contagious Content – Bullet Rig

29th Jun

As a team, when we see something cool, we take it and make it bigger and better. No brief is too big for us and our production team strive to bring our clients ideas to life.


After having a play with Rafal’s stereoscopic film camera, it gave us an idea to recreate the images digitally on a much larger scale, 180 degrees. Before we knew it, the production team had fixed up 30 degrees of our potential 180. Testing it was so much fun that we just had to find a way to share our office test shots (sorry no spoilers, hopefully you’ll see it soon).

Using latest advanced photography technology we have now built a 360 Bullet Rig that allows us to create a frozen or slow moving image. Our hardware captures a number of digital images simultaneously which our software stiches together to create a unique 360 GIF!

It’s unique and it’s sharable. Similar styles of filming and photography have so far been seen in the sporting industry; we’ve seen surfers building their own Go Pro rigs to capture tricks and baseball matches being filmed to capture and replay match highlights.

A high priority for us as a team is to create content that is widely shared on social, so what we believe makes the bullet rig special is that it enables brands to not only provide consumers an impressive and unique photographic experience but it also generates highly shareable content. Ultimately our end goal is always to create end content that will be shared by consumers or potential future consumers who help spread the reach of a brands activation even further – We would say that’s pretty special.

Is it complicated? Not when planned for and executed professionally. Rigorous testing is involved in order to deliver a seamless live 180/360 bullet rig experience. As the production team will tell you there is an art to positioning and timing the cameras, which can at times make you like your going in circles (get it?)

…but in the end it all works out.

All smart brands also respect that key to any activation is a high and relevant footfall, however, they still have the challenge of enticing passers-by into taking time out of their day to engage with their brand.

That’s why brands love fresh and innovative ways to attract new people! Our 180 bullet rig is not only interactive but it is also very eye catching and intriguing, demanding the attention of anyone in the area.

We’re proud to support several experiential agencies, assisting them via delivering unique and exciting photographic experiences as part of their wider activations and campaigns – they are big fans of 180 and 360 bullet rigs for their pop up stores and activations.

Right now we are in festival season, which is the perfect location to get really fun group shots of festivalgoers and music lovers. However, come September we will be immersed in awards ceremonies and Christmas parties. A 180 can provide the perfect opportunity to make sure that your guest’s effort to look glamorous is captured in a beautiful 180 or 360 shot of their ball gowns!

We recommend considering the appropriate props to communicate key brand messaging, remembering your demographics and surroundings, but never sacrificing keeping things fun!

For example, silly string, however fun, isn’t right for everyone!

In September, we’re having a bit of a showcase to share all our cool kit with everyone, so if you’re interested, you can in fact jump in a 180 rig. Sign up for a spot here today.