The Flash Pack Teamed Up with CoppaFeel! for Celebrity Boob Ball 2016

10th Mar

What happens when you mix dodgeballs, celebrities and boobs? That’s easy: Coppafeel!’s Celebrity Boob Ball! We couldn’t be happier to have been involved in this hilarious, yet seriously important event.


Bombarded By Boobs

Picture this: Russell Howard, McFly’s Tom Fletcher, singer Rae Morris, and 21 other celebrities face off at ten, tense paces – eye to furious eye, toes straddling the line, disco music blaring...

All of a sudden, a giant boob comes from nowhere and smacks Russell Howard square in the face. Russell may have bobbed out, but this… this is dodgeball.

Or, more accurately, Boob Ball. As part of CoppaFeel!’s amazing effort to spread breast cancer awareness, they organized Celebrity Boob Ball 2016, a light-hearted (but heavy chested) charity event where a dream team of celebrity dodgers faced off to either prove themselves, or face a sudden, fleshy demise. We were there, too – dipping, diving, photographing and loving every minute of it.

A Dream Was Born

Believe it or not, this wasn’t the first time Russell Howard was hit in the face by boob. Live on BBC2, CoppaFeel!’s own Kris Hallenga gave him a boobified blow to the dome last year. Thus, Boob Ball was born – and last week, the competition got kicked up to a whole new level.

Thanks to the generous involvement of celebrities like Radio 1’s Greg James, Mario Falcone, Gaby Roslin and Dan Edgar, the event was a smash success – reminding everyone to perform regular breast self-exams and, of course, about the “Five D’s of Dodgeball.”

We at The Flash Pack were fortunate enough to attend the event at the Copper Box Arena in London’s Olympic Park – we brought along our Hyper GIF Booth to give everyone in attendance a chance to flaunt their assets. Judging from the resulting GIFs, everyone had a fantastic time helping to give an important initiative a great deal of exposure.

Coppafeel! Into the Future

If you haven’t yet checked out CoppaFeel!, now’s your chance! It was started almost six years ago by two courageous twin sisters, Kris and Maren Hallenga, the former of which survived a misdiagnosis of what developed into stage 4 breast cancer – hence the importance of self-examinations amongst young people.

Since then, their non-profit has grown impressively, dead set on educating the world about boobs and boob health – the “Boob Revolution,” as they call it. They’ve inspired millions of people through creative, fun-filled events, like their Silent Disco Dash, the Icelandic Fabulous Challenge, and of course, the now-infamous Celebrity Boob Ball event.

We were thrilled by the opportunity to collaborate with these wonderful people, and we hope that this is the first in what will be a long line of Flash Pack collabs with CoppaFeel! Hats (and shirts) off to them!