Are You Ready for Profile Videos?

4th Nov

Say goodbye to those boring old profile pics – videos are the future!


At The Flash Pack, we’ve made it our mission to rid the world of humdrum, business-as-usual visual content. So you can probably imagine our delight upon hearing Facebook’s announcement it would soon be allowing users to replace their stodgy, lifeless profile photos with videos!

Here’s everything you need to know about the brave, new world of animated, three-dimensional Facebookery, along with some advice on how to make a profile video so cool that even Danny Boyle would be impressed.

Facebook’s New Groove

In an effort to move away from emotionally limited, “static portraits,” Facebook announced users will soon be able to upload a seven second long, looping video as the primary medium on their profile page. The social media behemoth hopes the new feature will serve as yet another tool for creative self-expression – and add a new dimension to stalking that hot barista from the café near your office.

Though these looping videos are somewhat GIF-like in their appearance, the platform’s current functionality only supports video files that are uploaded directly from a user’s phone. So if you create a brilliant GIF or a short video using a microsite, a third-party app or software on your laptop, you’ll have to figure out to export the final product to your phone – at least for now.

Trendsetters, Inc.

Using history as our guide, it’s probably safe to assume the rest of the social media elite will soon be following Facebook’s lead and adding animated profile videos into their own platforms. In fact, Snapchat beat Facebook to the punch, having quietly rolled out its “Snapcode Selfies” feature over the summer. Even Tinder is said to be working on a video component in order to further enhance late night swiping sessions for users across the globe.

 Stand Out From the Crowd!

For both individuals and businesses alike, profile videos represent a powerful opportunity to showcase our individuality and connect with one another on an increasingly personal level. But it’s not just a question of “build it and they will come.” It’s important to recognise there’s a right way and a wrong way when it comes to getting the most out of this exciting new medium.

Here are a few things worth keeping in mind as we enter into the age of the profile video:

Quality is Key: Nobody is going to share your profile video if it looks like it was shot using a 2003 Motorola Razr stuffed inside a plastic bag during an earthquake. Your video’s production quality will be intrinsically linked to its critical reception – whether we’re talking about your friends or your customers.

Make it Fun: Everybody likes to have fun, right? Recent research conducted by the New York Times suggests that humour often plays a central role in a piece of content’s “shareability.” So maybe instead of uploading your seven-second long reinterpretation of Black Swan, try something a little more lighthearted.

Don’t Try Too Hard: In today’s “idealised” social media landscape, people respond to effortlessly cool, creative and seemingly off-the-cuff ideas. Brands in particular should try to integrate their personality and agenda into the final cut in a seamless and fitting manner.

The most effective way to do this is by considering the entire video-watching experience – the setting, the activity, the colours, etc. – and incorporating any ulterior motives in a subtle manner.

Kick It Up a Notch

At the end of the day, making a mind-blowing profile video isn’t rocket science – you just need the right tools. With The Flash Pack’s amazing array of high-tech, GIF and video-animation gadgetry, your new Facebook profile page will pop right off the screen, Matrix-style!

360 skater video - The Flash Pack launch party from The Flash Pack on Vimeo.