Introducing The Flash Pack's New Booth Styler

16th Oct

Want to add a little extra personalised flare to spice up your next big party? Check out The Flash Pack’s Booth Styler and treat your guests to an experience that only your crazy mind could dream up!


Who knew that planning the best party in history would be so hard?

Between locking down that super cool (but impossible to book) venue, repeatedly begging the hottest DJ in town to finally accept your offer and apologising to your cousin’s ex-girlfriend for forgetting to send her an invitation, you’re stretched about as thin as you can be. Where are you going to find the time to add that extra splash of flavour and panache?

Did somebody say flavour and panache?

At The Flash Pack, we serve up three square meals of flavour and panache every single day. Our unique and stylish photo booths are specifically designed to blow the roof off parties of all different shapes and sizes.

The Booths

Check out our four, customisable booths and pick the one that best matches your personality:

Are you an impeccably classy individual looking for that elegant, red carpet experience? Our Vintage Booth is overflowing with old-world charm, sans the old-world values. Use the foot pedal to capture your shots and they’ll instantly pop up on the touch screen. Pick out your faves and upload them instantly, or snag a print and keep it forever.

Or perhaps you’ll opt for one of our Retro Booths, a nod to the classic photo booths of days long gone. Don’t be fooled by its mild-mannered demeanor – this baby is anything but traditional.

The inside is connected to all your favourite social media channels through an interactive touch screen so you can share your amazing new photos right then and there. And to all you nostalgia junkies out there, no need to worry – you can instantly get your retro, passport-style prints on site.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Mod Booth – the choice for people who take their partying extra seriously. The Mod delivers maximum levels of fun with the highest possible degree of efficiency.

Snap your photos up front, share your faves from the large, intuitive touchscreen, then pop around the back to pick up your prints. Bet you didn’t know that having the time of your life could be this easy!

The Booth Styler

Now that you’ve got your booth all picked out, you’re probably thinking that your party can’t get any more awesome than it already is, right? Wrong.

Our new Booth Styler takes customisation to a whole new level, so you can personalise your experience to be just as wacky and outlandish as you are!

Pick a Backdrop

First, let’s set the mood – The Flash Pack offers an array of stylish backdrops and booth signs to transport you and your guests to another time or place.

Whether you choose to stand in front of a snowcapped mountain range, a towering stack of 90s mixtape cassettes or an electric pink wall that’s bold enough to make your prints vibrate right out of their eventual frames, our diverse selection ensures your photos will always stand apart from the crowd.

Still can’t make up your mind? Not a problem. Opt for a green screen add-on and let your wanderlust call the shots. Take your party pics on the surface of the moon or from inside Buckingham Palace. With a green screen by your side, you can take the party anywhere – literally.

Choose Your Props

Now for the fun part: let’s talk props. The Flash Pack lets you choose from a variety of different themes, each with a unique personality to make sure your party is truly one of a kind. Here are a few of our favourites:

Jump in your pea green boat and head out to sea with our Owl and the Pussycat themed box. Don your cat mask, sailing vest and 1950s bathing cap, and paddle along with a giant spoon while your friend in the owl mask plays the ukulele to a lobster and a couple of starfish. True, it’s doesn’t make a whole lot of sense – but then again, neither did the original poem.

If you were one of those kids who always dreamed of running away to join the circus, our circus box is the next best thing. Crack the whip while lions and zebras race around the ring, and clowns wearing colourful wigs spray silly string and juggle.

If you can’t juggle, just throw some batons in the air and look confident. It’s a photograph – no one will be able to tell the difference.

Grab your mercury-laden top hat and start getting crazy – it’s time for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! This prop box comes packed to the gills with giant bow ties, tea kettles and tea cups, funky thick-rimmed glasses and of course, a wide array of psychotropic headwear. Just be careful not to go too deep down the rabbit hole – you have to go to work on Monday.

For those who’d like to spice things up a bit, we suggest taking an exotic trip abroad with our Mexican box. Put on a sombrero and play a song on la guitarra while a team of mexican wrestlers dances around a cactus, shaking their maracas. What’s that? A giant chicken just showed up and started playing the accordion? Yup, sounds like a Flash Pack party alright.

Extras, Extras, Extras!

All of our booth rentals include your choice of a custom theme and props, full delivery and set up, unlimited 6” x 4” prints, an online gallery and a fun-loving booth attendant for the full four hours’ running time.

But that’s not all folks – check out some of our extras to find out how you can take your party to the next level. Whether it’s wrapping your booth in a custom skin to give it a little extra personal flair, or adding social connectivity so you and your guests can broadcast your epic event to the world in real-time, we’ve got more great ideas for your next event than we know what to do with.

Let us worry about making your event the bash of the century, so you can spend your time and energy focussing on more important things – like having as much fun as possible.