The Flash Pack Lights Up the W Times Square in NYC

26th Jan

After seeing the Flash Pack installation at the W Hotel in London, the W Times Square in New York City knew they had to stake their own claim in what’s sure to be the next big thing in the world of luxury hotels.


Make Memories that Last

When you’re hosting an event, your goal should be to create an experience so amazing that guests will want to remember it forever. At The Flash Pack, we’ve built our business upon the brilliant idea of combining those two things – i.e., the amazing experience and capturing the moment – into one. So far, people seem to be pretty on board with this idea.

That’s how we explain the overwhelming success of our photo booth installation at the W Hotel, London. The motion-activated, next-generation photography behind this booth has made it an international splash, turning the heads of luxurious travellers and celebrities the world over. So as soon as the team from the W Hotel’s flagship Times Square location saw the booth in action, they knew they needed a permanent installation of their own.

Luxury and Glamour

The W London installation is a stylish, filament-lighted photo booth hidden behind a two-way mirror (originally an unused cupboard converted into a chic compartment). Motion sensors illuminate guests with vibrant lighting as an intuitive touch screen enables the them to apply filters, share their snaps via email, and then reshare to their favourite social channels via the W’s custom microsite. With the mere tap of a button, guests have a high-quality photo print of their glamorous encounter and the social media cred to back it up.

One Step Further


The W Times Square booth is similar in many ways to the London installation – but the new booth was part of a multi-million dollar refurbishment, and the folks in NYC told us to let our imaginations run wild.

Just like in London, the booth is encased in one-way glass – but we’ve pushed the interactivity to new heights. We teamed up with top-tier LED designer BOLD, and the results were pretty special. The booth’s walls are dotted with motion-activated LEDs that illuminate guests as they pass their hands about the surface of installation – the lights follow you around too, which is quite a slick trick, if we may say so ourselves.

But it doesn’t end with the booth – the entire back wall of the W Times Square bar and club is illuminated with 13 unique, segmented LED displays. When a picture is taken inside, the entire wall/screen flashes elegantly, and otherwise reacts to guests’ movement. Not only do the snaps show up on the outside of the booth as their being taken – we also installed high definition flat screens behind the mirrors in the bathroom, which feature a streaming feed of the photos in real-time.

Designed as a completely immersive experience, the installation is located just behind the DJ booth – the best spot in the house to experience all of the action.


Exceeding Expectations

The booth launched back in October over Halloween weekend, and it was an immediate smash success. But don’t just take our word for it – the numbers speak for themselves: in the booth’s first six weeks, partygoers and hotel guests snapped 6,716 photos, downloaded approximately 1,679 prints and visited the W Times Square custom microsite more than 1,295 times.

Sure, these are some impressive results, but when the snaps end up looking this fabulous, is it really that surprising?

NYC Picture