Flash Pack Travels: Our Trade Mission with Sadiq Khan

6th Nov

We’re off to Seattle and Vancouver for the Go To Grow trade mission


Our Flash Pack CEO, Jerome Maas, has just embarked on the Go to Grow International trade mission to Seattle & Vancouver, backed by Sadiq Khan’s commitment to expand UK businesses overseas.

Having created so much amazing content and grown so much in the last two years - we’ve been approached by Go To Grow to be a Tech sector partner for the program. With technology at the heart of the content that we create; we were fast to get onboard with their trade mission to the US.

Building on our goal for international growth, Jerome will be representing us for the trade mission to the US. Kicking off in Seattle on the 6th of November, Go To Grow, tees up meetings with high level brand business mentors, giving guidance and connections to future collaborators.

Across the week, talks, meeting and conferences focus on scalability; giving business insights and will end in ultra-entrepreneurial Vancouver - with a big focus on SME businesses.

You can follow our Go to Grow trade mission with the hashtag #LondonIsOpen, and over at our Twitter for live updates.