Giftastic: Instagram x Giphy Collaboration

12th Feb

The Instagram x Giphy collaboration is here!


As big fans of social media and sharing our powerful branded content via social, we're excited about being able to add GIFs to our Instagram Stories. This is thanks to a collaboration between GIPHY and Instagram that has been available in the newest update for iOS and Android.

Going into your Story setting of Instagram, and the sticker menu - you’ll find the new GIF option powered by GIPHY. By searching keywords like ‘happy birthday’ you can find themed GIFs, whilst searching for ‘effects’ will add new ambience and other moving effects. There is no doubt that as this becomes more used, we’ll see even more themes; brand-sponsored or, even geo-locational GIFS as is seen on SnapChat.

The other new edition allows users to upload any size photo or video - giving the choice to keep to the original aspect ratio of the photo, filling the surrounding space with a solid colour - or choosing to re-crop to taste.

Following our last post, ‘GIFS: A Brief History’ - this collaboration has shown that the usage of GIFS is ever popular, with no signs of slowing down within platforms like Instagram.

Looking at this collaboration - we’re excited to see what other digital platforms will team up to create an even better experience for their users. With Facebook owning Instagram, it’s surely only a matter of time before Facebook integrates GIPHY into its main functionality, and rolls it out across their whole platform.