Shooting with the Google Pixel 2 XL

18th Oct

In partnership with Google at the #MadeByGoogle launch event, we were lucky enough to get hands-on with the Pixel 2


On the 4th of October, Google announced the launch of the Pixel 2 at their #MadeByGoogle release event. For this, we partnered with Google and agency Jack Morton, to create a memorable experience for the tech press and VIP guests.

To make this a reality we produced a custom 3D photo rig using 15 of the soon to be released Pixel 2 XL handsets. Built into the massive activation space, our experience was created with giant metallic balloons and glowing lights - producing awesome 3D photos of everyone having a great time. 



Having partnered with Google to create 3D content, we were also one of the very lucky few who were able to get hands-on with the new device. Here we would document the whole launch event, and produce a short video for Google.

At first glances, the look of the phone is great, and you can see how they are pushing the limits of the industry with a device that is heavily focussed on design. With its almost bezel-less screen; pastel coloured lock button (brave but strong move), USB C port, and most notably, the camera which protrudes out of the body - you can see they're really making waves on looks alone.

Attached to our gimbal and shooting with it throughout the evening - you can see why Google call this phone the Pixel. With a massive emphasis on the camera hardware, and software; the phone was a dream to shoot on and can seamlessly capture video up to 4K at 30 fps.

Throughout the space was a combination of neon, spotlights, and ambient low lighting - all of which was captured by the Pixel, with minimal noise and close to perfect colour rendition. 

From shooting video with the handset, and seeing the powerful results from our custom 3D photo Pixel rig - it's easy to understand why it has caused such a stir, and how pre-orders are now sold out!