How The Right Digital Influencer Can Transform Your Brand Event

26th Sep

Say goodbye to celebrity endorsements. This is the era of the influencer.


Digital influencers have been on the scene for a long time now. Zoella came along in 2009  and has since transformed the value and importance of normal people with a large online following. With her own line of makeup, her novel, scented candles and homeware, Zoe Sugg or ‘Zoella’ has without a doubt cashed in big time on her ‘girl next-door’ appeal having acquired a huge 9.4 million followers on Instagram and 11.1 million Youtube subscribers.

The seemingly genuine insight into her everyday life, her makeup tutorials and her advice for young women has appealed hugely to brands looking to build an authentic relationship with their consumer. However, with the era of Zoella easing off amidst criticism of her line of products and with some fans believing she has ‘sold out’, the digital influencer landscape is changing dramatically, as is the way that brands approach these sort of collaborations.

With the likes of powerhouses such as Zoella having ruled the ‘tastemaker’ industry, brands are now shifting their focus onto ‘micro-influencers’ - those who have a smaller following but with more of an influence. Micro influencers, or as we like to call them, ‘cult influencers’ have audiences that are not in the 100,000s but, are far more loyal and engaged than a bigger audience of mainstream blogger or influencer.


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We applied this strategy to a project with iD Mobile for On Blackheath festival. One of the key targets for the photo experience/activation was to create an online conversation around the brand and the festival. To spark this conversation, The Flash Pack invited a small group of cult influencers with a modest number of followers but with big influence. These influencers included the stylist Cobbie Yates (followed by Jack Garratt, Jourdan Dunn and Jessie J), the 4Music presenter, AJ Odudu (followed by New Look Fashion and ASOS) and actor, Archie Madekwe (followed by Chloe Moretz).

Hand picked by The Flash Pack, these influencers were enlisted to represent the core values of the iD Mobile brand: youth, energy and individuality.  As a result, iD Mobile were able to access a relevant audience of 46,874, ie. an audience that align to the brand’s target demographic.



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Another brand that is reinvigorating their influencer marketing strategy is L’Oreal Paris. The global cosmetics brand has enlisted five British beauty bloggers to be part of a long term partnership which includes event appearances, product reviews and content creation. With a combined reach of 5.5 million, the ‘beauty squad’ will be the voice of the brand. L’Oreal Paris believe that the ‘one appearance, one post’ strategy is ineffective and consumers are now seeing through what they once saw as genuine and therefore, this ongoing relationship with their influencers is more of an authentic partnership.


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Casey Neistat in our Freezus Curve at the GQ MOTY Awards (above).

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