How we harnessed the bloggers’ love of a flatlay to increase Blogosphere buzz

16th Feb

When it comes to amplifying an event on social media, the power of influencers is pretty much unshakeable. Getting a blogger or youtube star to post something from your activation is pretty much the holy grail for many agencies or PR teams, but how much do you really understand about the decisions an influencer makes when choosing what to share?


Blogging has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, so much so that they even have their own magazine, proving that print is alive and well and is quite happily sitting alongside the digital world.

Event organisers may well love bloggers, but conversely bloggers also love events. It provides them an opportunity to create new content, share new stories and maybe enjoy a freebie or too, and who doesn’t love a freebie?

The Flash Pack recently partnered with Blogosphere Magazine for their Valentine’s Bloggers’ Tea Party, and we knew we had to provide something more than the average photo experience. The guests would all be bloggers, and therefore experts in their own right at content creation.

The inspiration for our set up came from Blogosphere Magazine’s instagram feed, which is full of re-grammed user-generated flatlays.


Their audience share a clearly defined aesthetic and they organically create flatlays with the magazine when they purchase it. We wanted to tap into this natural inclination to increase the chance of guests sharing extra content during the event.

We created a photo experience that would recreate the Blogosphere front cover, with named personalisation for the cover line. What blogger doesn’t dream of being on the cover of a magazine?!

However, we weren’t done yet.

Returning to the flat-lays from Instagram; this is how the majority of bloggers share content. The asset alone often isn’t sufficient for influencers, they are inspired by magazine photoshoots, and demand the same styling from their own content.

We provided the ultimate flatlay studio, complete with props, a range of surfaces and lighting. The set-up proved quite the hit, with 84% of the shared magazine covers being displayed as a flatlay, and enjoyed a potential reach of 45k followers. The photo experience overall had an instagram share rate of 57%.

Bloggers and influencers need a reason to share something online, and it’s our job to find a creative way to ensure that this happens.



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