The Flash Pack’s Launch Party – 24th September at the Hoxton Arches

6th Oct

The Flash Pack has finally launched, and it’s safe to say that we started with a real bang!



 At The Flash Pack, our goal is to make sure the people at your events have fun, let loose, and look damn good doing it – for our very own launch party, we knew we had to go all out. So we showcased a few of our incredible photo experiences to an audience of over 300 guests at the wonderful Hoxton Arches, and the results were even wilder than we expected.

Our launch party celebrated the official merging of what had previously been three separate brands – Sharedit, The Photo Emporium and Blue Steel Booths – into one amazing and endlessly enthusiastic firm. But beyond celebrating The Flash Pack’s arrival, the event was also “a great opportunity for agencies and brands to get hands-on and experience all of the amazing photo experiences we have to offer,” as our very own Brand Experience Director, Jerome Maas, so eloquently remarked.

With all of our most inventive photo booths, plenty of party favours, some incredible performances, and even a photo contest, we’re betting that attendants won’t be forgetting The Flash Pack any time soon. And even if they did, we’ve got more than enough pictures to jog their memories!

Hands-On Experiences

Right from the start, guests were greeted with our take on the classic Airstream caravan – a cool, custom-designed photo studio parked outside the venue to get them into the spirit of the evening. After stepping into this kooky, vintage trailer, guests were invited to pick up some props, take their snaps, and receive their first prints of the night – all before even walking through the door!

And the vintage fun didn’t end there. In honour of #TBT, we thought it appropriate to show off one of our new Retro Booths, a nod to the classic photo booths of days long past. Not only were guests able to share instantly their favourite shots with friends and family via the booth’s integrated, highly-intuitive touch screen, but the true nostalgia junkies were delighted to find they could get vintage, passport-style prints right then and there.

But of course, we had to bring it all back to the future. Our GIF booths enabled attendants to create Tumblr-worthy, animated images from a series of rapid-fire photos. Meanwhile, guests were creating all kind of vivid memories with our amazing live light painting studio, where subjects stood still as lights twisted and turned behind them, resulting in psychedelic trails and patterns of colour in the final images.

One of the biggest hits of the night was our amazing multi-camera Bullet Rig. Remember those awesome shots from The Matrix when the camera pulled complete 360-degree rotations around the actors as they dodged bullets and kicked the living bejesus out of one another? Well we took that incredible cinematic magic and put it at center stage, letting everyone have a go at taking their own fantastic 3D action shots.

The Night’s Entertainment

It was a night that celebrated our love of the camera, and there’s no one the camera loves more than the Cuban Brothers. This riotous funk soul quartet is known for putting on some pretty wild performances, and their set at our launch party was definitely no exception.

One of the evening’s highlights came during a moment of spontaneous audience participation. When the Cuban Brothers pulled up an unsuspecting woman from the crowd, thinking she’d be a bit shy and sheepish – but to everyone’s surprise, she proceeded work the crowd like a seasoned pro.

Her breakdancing and sheer craziness was enough to throw even the Brothers off guard. We salute you Miss Unknown – thank you for taking it upon yourself to make our crazy party even crazier!

With amazing memories like these, we couldn’t limit the photography to the booths. We put our roaming photographers to work to capture reportage-style images of the most dynamic, action-packed moments of the night. We also had plenty of video cameras on hand to chronicle the entirety of the event in all its raucous and outrageous glory.

And what fun is a party if you can’t spread a bit of friendly #FOMO amongst your followers on social media? Partygoers were encouraged to document their experiences on Instagram with the #ItsTheFlashPack tag. Everyone who did got a free print of their post from one of our incredible #Printers, and one in every four #Prints got a free cocktail!

As if this party couldn’t get any more awesome, we’ve picked our 13 favourite Bullet Rig videos and posted them on Facebook, so if you’ve been selected, please tag yourself! The owner of the video with the most likes by Friday, 9th October, at 4 PM will win an all-expenses-paid weekend for two in Berlin – the original home of the photo booth!

Point is, our launch party was totally out-of-control amazing – and we’ve got the photo evidence to prove it!