Loop Dreams - GIPHY'S Interactive Art Exhibition

18th Oct

“Most GIFs live and die on the internet. Not in this gallery.”


Transforming the way we view and think about GIFs, ‘Loop Dreams’, an interactive GIF art exhibition, took place on the 2nd of October in New York. Presented by GIPHY and curated in collaboration with Rhizome, the exhibition presented the creations of 25 artists. These pieces took the form of Holographic convex posters, large scale projections, digital artworks, VR and interactive installations.

The one day, pop up event in New York’s Soho explored how GIFs can be used as an artistic medium and how a complex story can be told in a relatively simple format. The exhibition displayed the work of Zach Scott who merges the digital with the physical form with his installation piece, ‘staircase’ as well as other stand out pieces from Phyllis Ma, Julian Glander and Nicolas Sassoon.

Dani Newman, the GIPHY Community Director says, “Making this experience physical, we wanted to challenge ourselves and the artists we commissioned to think about the different ways you can experience a GIF in a gallery.”

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Header image courtesy of GIPHY.