Getting Social With the Flash Pack

14th Jan

Maximise the visibility of your next event with our highly-customisable, social software.


The Importance of Brand Visibility

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Philosophers have argued about this idea of observation versus reality for centuries, and today, the answer still remains unclear. In fact, in a famous conversation between Niehls Bohr and Albert Einstein (as documented on Wikipeda), Bohr reportedly told Einstein that it would be mathematically impossible to prove or disprove the idea that “the moon does not exist if nobody is looking at it.”

Let’s expand upon their conversation:

Say you throw this earth-shatteringly epic, once-in-a-lifetime event, but your guests don’t have a way to share any of their photos with their family, friends or colleagues. Well, according to the principles of quantum mechanics, it might be fair to say that your amazing party didn’t really happen at all...

But fear not! The Flash Pack’s highly intuitive, social sharing software will keep you one step ahead of those pesky, fundamental laws of nature, boosting the visibility of your next event so it doesn’t disappear into some obscure, alternate dimension or 20th century thought experiment.

Give Them Something Worth Sharing

First and foremost, maximise the shareability of your content by making sure it’s both stunning and stylish. Our groundbreaking photobooths guarantee drop-dead gorgeous images in a unique setting, enticing your guests to participate – and who wouldn’t want to spread around some shots of themselves looking this fab?

But without an obvious way to share, even the most amazing photos will likely fade into obscurity. Well, you’re in luck – each one of our booths come armed to the teeth with social media connectivity, so guests can instantly email or upload their favourite shots, right then and there via a user-friendly touch screen.

Want to bump your brand visibility up to the next level? Our branded microsites offer custom social sharing links to boost user engagement and maximise your ROI. We’ll even help you set up photo competitions and host them on your site to keep your guests talking about your company long after the party’s over.

Best of all, our platform is custom-built and 100% unique to us. This gives us a high degree of flexibility to amend, adjust and adapt our software to the specific needs of your event.


It’s All About the Analytics


But as any tech-savvy marketing guru will tell you, a social sharing application is only as valuable as its built-in analytics. As luck would have it, we at The Flash Pack love to geek out, and our software is packing some serious data-mining tech under the hood.

Our app provides detailed, post-event reports that include info like the number of physical prints, emails, overall social reach (e.g., shares, tweets, clicks and likes), peak engagement times and even the device breakdown of your guests!

But the stats just keep on coming – you can choose to have your guests participate in a quick and easy, interactive survey, right after they snap their shots. Afterwards, we collect all of the delectable data and share it with you, so you can find out what people really think of your brand or product.

The beauty of doing it this way? Your guests have already taken part in the experience, and will be be happy to part with a little bit of information in exchange for some stunning prints and the opportunity to share their content over their favourite social channels – a fair trade by any standard