Polaroid: Reimagining a Classic

10th Oct

Instant photography is as popular as ever and Polaroid Originals have responded with the OneStep 2


We love photography, and even more so, instant photos. Just looking around The Flash Pack studio, you can see them taped to the outside of our Photoautomat booth; on desks and stuck to our screens.

Most of the Flash Pack team shoot in our spare time, with instant film taking the helm on a day or night out. Land Cameras, or more notably the Polaroid camera, is a total throwback to the 80’s and retro pop culture.

Most importantly, instant film offers something that the immediate world of digital doesn’t. The unknown; waiting for your photos to develop and eagerly anticipating the awesome results.

Fortunately, analog culture is booming, and it’s never been easier to buy film, thanks to companies like Kodak, Ilford, and for land cameras - The Impossible Project of Berlin. The thing is though, fewer cameras are available as more and more are being snatched up online.

This is when we heard about the rebranding of Impossible Project, as Polaroid Originals - tying in with Polaroid’s 80th anniversary. 

Oskar Smolokowski, ex-CEO of Impossible Project and now CEO of Polaroid Originals said:

"Polaroid Originals isn't a new identity for Polaroid – it's a separate brand, like Adidas and Adidas Originals for example, where Polaroid Originals really focuses on analogue instant photography and the roots of the brand"

Paying homage to the original OneStep that was originally released in 1977 - the newly released OneStep 2 camera has kept true to its roots, bringing back many of the features from the original. 

At the core of the OneStep 2, is its use of analog film cartridges - creating countless chemical reactions every time the shutter is pushed; making memories in moments, a little differently each time, in just under a minute.

To add a modern touch, the OneStep 2 has a built-in-flash, self-timer and amazingly, USB charging to boot. It also takes 600 & i-Type cartridges, in many different forms of colour and black & white emulsions.

With the spirit of instant photos at the heart of what we do - we love seeing the look on people’s faces when they get their prints from our photo experiences.