Show Off Your Brand The Flash Pack Way

4th Apr

A clever advert might grab a passerby’s attention for a moment or two — but an immersive experience will anchor your brand message in a permanent way.


Are You Experienced?

Today, it’s probably safe to assume that every one of your potential customers are being bombarded with a steady stream of adverts, making individual brand visibility more of a challenge than ever.

As such, brands need to find effective new ways to cut through the crowded adscape – many are discovering that capturing the attention of an increasingly distracted population requires stepping away from spammy email chains, banner ads and automated social posts, and inviting customers to experience something real.

Back in the ‘60s, a little-known Swedish car manufacturer called Volvo discovered that live marketing events were an incredibly effective way to show customers just how rugged their cars were, according to Econsultancy, rescuing the company from obscurity with a hefty dose of tangible relevance. And recent data shows that this approach works just as well today, as another Econsultancy article explains.

A compelling experience taps into your target audience’s deepest passions and desires, enabling you to harness their enthusiasm to bolster positive brand perception. Moreover, providing your guests with an easy way to capture and share their incredible experiences with others is a surefire way of increasing not only brand visibility, but credibility as well.

Hosting branded events like these is also a great way to kickstart two-way communication between you and your target audience, enabling you to create a feedback loop that results in even more effective messaging.

Experiential Potential

You love your brand, and you know exactly why you love your brand – but how do you inspire that same feeling among your customers? That’s where we come in. We’ve been in the experiential marketing game long enough to know exactly what gets people engaged, and importantly, that one size does not fit all. In other words, in order to make a real, measurable impact, customisation is the name of the game.

For example, when Third Space, London’s premier luxury health club, asked us for help communicating their dynamic, athletic brand vision, we immediately knew that our 360 Bullet Rig would be the perfect fit. Why? Because three-dimensional, animated images are one of the best ways to capture feats of supreme athleticism in all their glory, as the social stats from the event prove. In three days, our rig captured 876 videos, which were shared to Instagram 931 times, ultimately generating 224K impressions. The point is, when visual content is done right, it effectively markets itself.


Give the People What they Want

According to the New York Times, GIFs are fast becoming an integral part of the internet lexicon. Good news: we’re already fluent! Fashion retailer New Look wanted to create a memorable experience for Wireless Festival goers across all demographics.

Together with event management agency Smart Live, we went all out and created not one, but three unique photo booths: a green screen booth that puts guests live on the mainstage in front of thousands; our Lights Camera GIF booth that stitches together two shots of festival goers striking a pose into a highly shareable GIF; and finally, our VIP Lights Camera GIF booth inside of a renovated Airstream, capturing guests hanging out backstage at New Look’s activation.

The results? A staggering 2,856 photos taken over four days, with 66% of guests downloading and sharing their pics.

Always Check Under the Hood

Of course all this sounds impressive, but the savviest marketers among you must be saying, “Show me the data!” We’re more than happy to oblige. When we designed our intuitive social sharing software, we definitely didn’t skimp on the analytics: we provide detailed End of Event reports covering all aspects of your visual content’s social media performance.


At the end of the day, not everyone is going to be able to attend your event – therefore, you need make sure you’re generating compelling, eye-grabbing content that continues to bring value back to your brand in the weeks and months following the actual experience itself. In light of this fact, it follows that the quality of the content you produce is just as important as the event itself.