SpaceX: Shooting For The Stars

13th Feb

How far would you go for earned media?


It's probably hasn't escaped your notice that mega comic book billionaire Elon Musk, Founder/ CEO of SpaceX has just launched a car into space. With the help of the world's largest space rocket, this is quite possibly the biggest marketing stunt of all time - costing an estimated $1Billion.

Starting with PayPal in 90’s, he has a reputation for building extraordinary companies: TeslaSolarCity and SpaceX.  

This is the second massive stunt in he's produced in the past three months. The first of which was his audacious bet with the Southern Australian government to gift them a 100-megawatt superbattery if he was unable to deliver it within 100 days. 

Launched into space last week, the aptly named Starman (wearing the new SpaceX spacesuit) has been blasting out David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ since reaching the outer limits of the Earth. This boundary-breaking stunt has even gained credit from space pioneer, Buzz Aldrin.

Another case of breaking the mould (and World Records) was Felix Baumgartner with the Red Bull Stratos skydiving project. As the whole world watched, the Red Bull sportsman dived from 127,000 ft up, breaking the sound barrier, and did so with full branding in view. A perfect example of Red Bull giving you wings.

Of course, these are unique cases of brands breaking records, but you don’t have to reach the stratosphere to catch the eyes and minds of your audience.

Producing engaging content that resonates, is the first step to captivating consumers and gaining their trust.


‪Liftoff! We have liftoff on the #falconheavy Congratulations @SpaceX‬

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