Spectacles - Snapchat's New Google Glass-Esque Venture

27th Sep

Snap Inc (formerly Snapchat) create Spectacles - the new wearable technology set to change the way we capture reality.


Instagram recently encroached on Snapchat’s territory with their new ‘Instagram Stories’ feature, but in true Snapchat style, the tech company is always one step ahead. This week, Snap Inc announced their new product Spectacles, sunglasses that are available in three colours with an inbuilt camera. With a recording button built into the frame of the glasses, the user taps this button to start a 10 second film, this time can be extended tapping this same button.

To mimic the perspective we get through our own vision, the Spectacles’ camera uses a 115-degree angle lens which is significantly wider than the typical inbuilt smart phone camera. The circular shape of the camera imitates the shape of the human eye and so enhances the verisimilitude of the content created, allowing this Snap Inc product to be even more engaged with reality that the parent company’s signature product, Snapchat.   

Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap Inc believes not in capturing an experience to watch again but to ‘experience an experience’ and this is how he first came up with the concept of Spectacles. For Snap Inc it is all about building memories using their products rather than just capturing them.

Unlike the disaster of Google Glass, Spectacles are affordable hardware retailing at £100 a pair (cheaper than Ray Bans) and with their quirky design, will appeal to a young ‘Snapchat’ demographic of millennials. Compared to the extortionate price of $1,500 for a Google Glass, Spectacles are already more accessible to general public and unlike the Google alternative, are clear in their function. Although, at first, the distribution of Spectacles is set to be fairly limited, it is possible that Snap’s new product may take the industry by storm and in 5 years time, we may all be able to experience each other’s experiences.

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