The Art of Experience

8th Jul

Yayoi Kusama - “self-obliteration”


Yayoi Kusama creates work with the mantra: “self-obliteration”, meaning, her aim is to lose herself within her pieces. Therefore, it is not surprising that her groundbreaking art installations are fully consuming in their form and transport the viewer to another world of experience.

The Flash Pack are often looking to the art world for inspiration, and Kusama’s recent London exhibition has captured our imagination. Two of her most experiential pieces, All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins and Chandelier of Grief are now in London at the Victoria Miro Gallery, open to the public for free, until the 30th July 2016. Having willingly lived in a mental institution for the past 40 years, Kusama uses her work to explore her own anxieties, fears and hallucinations. As a result, her work is personal, explorative, engaging and fully immersive.

Kusama’s All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins has become a cult hit on social media with post after post on Instagram of viewers experiencing the installation. The mirror lined room, with seemly never ending luminous polka dot pumpkins, creates an imaginary world of ‘the sublime’, evoking a connection between the viewer and the art work. This connection entices the viewer to document the experience and share to their audience. Thus, Kusama inadvertently creates the perfect recipe for shareable and socially engaging content.  

The visually spectacular nature of her work (and the mirrors) lends itself to selfie taking, resulting in a huge online presence and copious amounts of user-generated content. One notable social media fan is Victoria Beckham, who was so impressed by the exhibition, she posted two selfies to her 11.5 million followers.

adele yayoi kusama

Stateside, The Broad Gallery, L.A is exhibiting Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room - Filled with the Brilliance of Life (2011), open until the end of year. This installation, like much of Kusama’s work, puts the viewer central in the experience. The walls and ceiling of the installation are mirrored with a shallow pool of water on the floor. Within the room, hundreds of small LED lights are suspended from the ceiling. These lights flash and change colour throughout the experience, creating a mesmerizing effect. The use of mirrors repeats the image, giving the illusion of an endless dark space, with only pinpoints of light to  give perspective and depth. The experience is unforgettable.

Also in California, the PACE gallery exhibits Crystal Universe, created by the Japanese ‘Ultra technologists’, teamLab. This installation features a sculpture made from LED lights that react to the viewer’s movement and can even be controlled via a smartphone app - a feature that is upping the experiential game to new levels. This particular experience is so innovative, it was even picked up by Instagram, who posted a Boomerang taken within the installation for their weekend hashtag project, #WHPilluminate.

This wave of experiential art, that combines technology with design, is revolutionising our approach to briefs. Just last night, we were at the ASOS Summer Festival with our Freezus Curve photographic technology. The Freezus Curve captures the subject in 3D form, with 10 cameras the shooting simultaneously to create a smooth video. Shooting in 4K ultra HD, the image created is of the highest quality and even more compelling and immersive.

Combining this technology, with beautiful aesthetics, The Flash Pack designed a 3D layered overlay, creating depth within the image and giving the illusion that the subject is lost within a galaxy of glittering stars.

The effect gives the participant a taste of the immersive Yayoi Kusama installations, producing visually stunning content, and a unique experience worth shouting about.

asos summer party stars 

Enquire about the Freezus Curve and bespoke designed overlays here.

Header image courtesy of teamLAB.