The Met Gala 2016 & Vogue's Light Tunnel Experience

5th May

The Met Gala Ball never fails to impress and shock.

We've seen a yellow Rihanna, Katy Perry as a golden Joan of Arc and Sarah Jessica Parker with a punk style fur mohawk. This year's spectacle, hosted by Anna Wintour and co-chaired by Jonathan Ive (Apple), Taylor Swift and Idris Elba, did not disappoint. 


Manus X Machina

This year’s fearless extravaganza was themed Manus X Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. As you may know, here at It’s The Flash Pack we love all things technology, so we took particular interest when we heard that Vogue had enlisted the help of innovative filmmakers, Gordon Von Steiner and Danilo Lauria to create video content. With collaborations by Steven Miesel, Prada, Stella McCartney, Estee Lauder and Chanel under their belt, Lauria and Von Steiner were natural choices for an innovative approach for this year’s content creation.

Moving content: the future of brand marketing

We believe moving content is the future of brand marketing and Vogue’s coverage of this year’s Met Gala has been the most compelling and socially engaging yet. Von Steiner embodied the theme of Manus X Machina by creating a series of short videos set in a light installation pod designed by Mary Howard Studio. These short videos, posted systematically on Vogue’s Instagram account, feature a number of A-list guests such as: Madonna, Willow & Jaden Smith, Kendall Jenner, Alicia Vikander, Kim & Kanye, Lea Seydoux and even The Anna Wintour herself. The videos show these fashionable folk inside the strobing light installation, some dancing and moving to the electronic music soundtrack, creating a hypnotic visual experience.

With tickets $30,000 a pop and tables, a whopping $275,000, only a few individuals can afford to attend and the even luckier ones, are personally invited free of charge. By using moving content, Vogue hands us a precious ticket inside one of the most exclusive events on the planet. 

Vogue are no strangers to using video content to evoke the feeling of being an ‘insider’ and 2016 was not the first time the Met Gala was documented in this medium. Last year, the videographer, Billy Soistmann depicted the making of a 5670kg floral construction at the entrance of the Met Ball. See it here.

Sounds a little familiar?

Here at the Flash Pack, we are always one step ahead of the game and when we saw the content created from the Met Ball’s installation experience, it reminded us of one of our favourite projects. Back in December 2014, It’s The Flash Pack custom designed and hand-made a chic addition to The W Hotel London. The permanent installation has several cool and innovative features such as an activating motion sensor and filament style lighting, making this luxury photo experience, in our opinion, the best in London. Watch here to learn more. 

Across the pond, we recreated this ‘WOW’ factor at The W Hotel NYC, with another tailor made installation - so don’t worry, It’s The Flash Pack have got luxury experience covered on both sides of the Atlantic.


As the experts in creation of moving content, we believe it is the most engaging way for brands to communicate. Just like Vogue, we were inspired by the functionality of Instagram as a platform for interesting content creation and so, recently, we partnered with Amplify to create an interactive experience at Google's London Event Space. We invited guests to recreate Drake's iconic music video for 'Hotline Bling' within a colour changing light box aptly named 'The Bling Booth'. Resulting in content which took Twitter by storm, and unique visual content which will not be forgotten any time soon. 


Arguably, the captivating content created from the Met Gala was far more exciting than the experience itself. Video content has effectively become the experience itself and for a brand such as Vogue, the pay off is on a global scale. 

At It’s The Flash Pack, we aim to bridge the gap between the live event itself and the social world with our range of content based experiences. We create unforgettable experiences AND the coolest content that, put simply, your audience, want to share with their audience. Now, with Vogue adopting our approach to visual storytelling, and accumulating a whopping 2.3 million Instagram likes from the Met Gala moving content alone, the medium is definitely here to stay. The future of brand marketing? We certainly think so.