The Old School Photo Booth

9th Feb

We all have wistful memories of cramming into a Woolworths photo booth to capture that friendship, special day or romance forever. Well, the here and now has photo booths, too – and as we’ve grown up, the technology has too.


Forever Young

Even in the careless bliss of youth, we have a sense that things won’t stay that way forever, so we try to capture and preserve every wondrous moment. If time wins out, it’s not for our lack of effort.

That certainly explains our infatuation with the old Woolworths photo booths – we would don our finest threads, meet up with our best mates (or perhaps the rosy-cheeked object of our affection) and head down Woolworths to make some photo magic.

Such an outing was decidedly an event, a memory-in-the-making we vowed to forever cherish: a neat set of instant photo prints that would make our youthful moments live on forever. Well, in a sense, they did – every awkward phase of those early years of our existence has been immortalized in all their faded, glossy glory.

You see, youth isn’t always as glamorous as our memories make it out to be, and these snaps serve as a reminder of the often harsh reality of being a teenager. Well, the old, unforgiving Woolworth’s photo booths captured every bit of our greasy hair, pimply skin and train-track smiles – and believe or not, we’re grateful for this fact, every single day.

A Modern Take on a Classic Experience

But after all these years, the classic photo booth never really went away – like us, it just grew up. While your Woolworths recollections no doubt sparkle like distant suns in your mind’s eye, the booths of today use advanced tech to make your features literally glow on illuminated touchscreen displays.

What we’re trying to say is that it may be best to leave those moments behind, because otherwise, your teenage self is going to get jealous when it sees the photos that our incredible booths are pumping out today.

We’re introducing The Flash Pack’s refurbished, revamped and revitalised updates to the original, classic photo booth. It produces the same dreamy-eyed yearning, the same shared joy with kindred spirits, the same victory over the creeping grip of time – the experience is just exponentially enhanced by the very latest in photo tech gadgetry (to make you look great) and social sharing software (so you can show off to all your friends, of course).

In With the Old

Our Retro booth is a quick trip down memory lane: cram into the booth with your friends, pull the curtain closed and snap your shots, just like you remember – then get rocketed back to the 21st century as your shots instantly pop up on the built-in, high-definition display. Our cutting-edge cameras and lenses ensure that you look your absolute best, and that your visage will be immortalised on your favourite social channels via our intuitive social sharing software.



While your old nostalgic snaps may be frozen moments in time, the pics of today are literal movers and shakers. Our GIF Booth takes a number of photos in rapid succession, then powerful software instantly stitches them together into highly-expressive, seamless animations.

If this all sounds a bit two-dimensional, our 3D Photo Booth uses multiple cameras at different angles to create the illusion of depth and space. If you’re looking to add even more dimensions to your memories, take it to the max with our 360 Bullet Rig – think of it as if the photo booth of your adolescence just got in a head-on collision with The Matrix. Add some  glitter and a raucous crowd, and you’ve got yourself a moment worth remembering.

Bringing It All Back

Nothing can replace the experiences of your youthful past, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the perks that come with being all grown up and in the present. Just as Woolworth’s photobooths created memorable moments for you and your friends, the incredible photo booths of today allow friends and colleagues to come together and create memories that are just as precious and meaningful.

And now that you can share your delightful photos with everyone you know with just a tap of a screen, there’s no chance that these memories will ever be misplaced or forgotten. But just in case you’re feeling extra nostalgic, we still offer physical prints (on classic, photo emulsion paper), just like the ones you remember from back in the day.