The Power of Influencer Marketing

8th Nov

The increasing importance of connecting with your audience in the era of AdBlock


We're now at a time of digital taking the helm in marketing strategies and in full campaigns. However, roughly 50% of all online users are now running a type of AdBlocker, making it increasingly important to engage with your audience - as succinctly as possible.

Tie this in with the fact that mobile devices are now being used more than desktops for online browsing and you can see why it's so crucial to connect on an emotional level and understand the core drivers behind consumer choices.

This can be counteracted with the creation of engaging content, and strategic partnerships with influencers. Influencers have been able to change the perception of advertising through the use of Instagram Stories, YouTube videos, and in blog posts.

By collaborating with them and connecting with their followers - you can directly channel your brand message to a new audience; raising awareness and digital impressions.

For the product launch of the Nokia 8 in Western Europe, HMD Global was looking to connect with their target audience of creative, 18 to 30-year-olds, with a passion for storytelling and lifestyle photography.

To increase awareness of the Nokia 8 to this group, we collaborated with famous DJs, legendary venues, press, and social media superstars; creating a curated tour of Ibiza, and catching them at the famous Ibiza closing parties. This gave them all the chance to tell both sides of their Ibiza story with their new Nokia 8.

Though these collaborations and in connecting with the influencer’s audiences, we were able to tap into entirely new groups of users for HMD Global. This gained over 19 million impressions in two weeks. All using the #Nokia8 and #Bothie hashtags - filling up newsfeeds for weeks with original content.

Simply put. Know your audience, their values and what they connect to - then collaborate with like-minded influencers to authentically bridge the gap between brand and consumer.

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