Twitter: Pushing The Limit

14th Nov

Twitter has announced the dropping of their famous 140 character limit


In a recent update, Twitter has removed their once platform defining feature of a 140 character limit and instead, risen it to 280 for a trial period.

For 11 years, this limit had boiled announcements down to bite-sized chunks of quickly digestible content. This created the need to make critical decisions on word abbreviations; that emoji you like, or if you could shorten that link even further.

The new charecter limit will be initially tested with a small group of users (including us - thanks, Twitter) over a period of a few months.

Twitter is said to have pushed this change through not wanting to stifle conversations in languages such as English and Spanish, that natively use more characters.

Marketers and brand communicators are surely rejoicing, but will the raised limit actually increase engagement at a time where brands are focusing on more visual platforms like Instagram? There are surely arguments for both sides of this discussion.

Whatever your opinion on the new character limit, brands like Innocent Smoothies are embracing the change, with overtly forward yet humorous tweets.

At the time of this change, and with digital audience attention spans dwindling - a sweet spot between the old 140 limit and the new one of 280 will have to be formed to authentically capture audiences attentions, and raise brand awareness.