Visual Storytelling - Our Top Tips to Stand Out

22nd Jul

Stand out from the crowd. 


There are three key rules when it comes to successful brand marketing: know your consumer, know your brand and be authentic. These are essential for building a brand image and communicating with your audience to build and maintain a connection.

Visual storytelling has become an essential part of speaking to your consumer, selling your product and presenting a brand with values worth investing in. However, now, with the constant stream of information and images we receive via our electronic devices at every moment of the day, even the relatively new trend of visual content marketing through social media has become tiresome and mostly, uninteresting.

The only way to stand out from the crowd is to be better or different, as you are now relying on your audience to single you out from the vast ocean of visual content presented to them on a daily basis.

Here are The Flash Pack’s top tips for enhancing your brand story through effective visual storytelling:


According to Marketing Week, it is predicted that 69% of internet traffic will be video content by 2017. Make this a part of your marketing strategy NOW. If these predictions are correct, by 2017-2018, standard video content will start to look tedious and the next trend will be emerging. Make your videos snappy and informative or, introduce your product in a new and innovative way through video. Try out our Freezus Curve to promote your brand in an incredible 3D form.

New Technology

Virtual reality, augmented reality and new content technology are the future of brand marketing and have only recently hit the mainstream. If your brand can afford to invest in such technology for storytelling, and the medium is relevant, it’s a good way to go.


It is undeniable that this form of storytelling is incredibly engaging and immersive. See how The New York Times use VR as a new approach to journalism here.


An Engaging Storyline

Whereas VR and new technology may be the future of brand storytelling, nothing is more effective than an engaging and emotive storyline that audiences can relate to. UNICEF use poignant and beautifully captured photographs to connect with a global audience. Photojournalism is a key aspect of their marketing and social media strategy, as the charity aim to capture moments in the lives of refugees or those in developing countries, that everyone can draw similarities from. These photographs remove the label of ‘victim’ and humanise the subject, their achievements, their challenges and their emotions.

User Generated Content

Inspiring your consumer to create their own content using or featuring your product is a great way to form brand loyalty and promote your authenticity as a brand. GoPro’s effective storytelling has defined the camera company as a global lifestyle brand and a leader when it comes to a visual narrative. GoPro’s marketing strategy is to involve and inspire its consumer, further reinforced by the company’s slogan ‘be a HERO’. The brand champions user generated content and shares a variety of content to their social channels. This content has been created using their product by people who love their product. Rebranding the video and crediting the creator creates an instant relationship with their audience whilst strengthening brand awareness. The content is created in a variety of scenarios and shows the versatility and the ‘must-have’ quality of the product.

One user generated video of a fireman saving kitten was released by GoPro and went viral. It then went on to win the 2014 Viral Video Award for the Best User Created Viral Ad.

The future of visual storytelling comes in a number of forms, whether that be new technology, innovative content creation or traditional photography. However, whatever the medium, there is one recurring factor - experience. Your consumer wants to feel something when they engage with your visual content, and if you can form this connection and maintain it, whatever form it comes in, you’re on to a winner.

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