Visuals We Love: Adele's 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' Music Video

24th May

Video manipulation at its best. We’re talking Adele’s new experimental music video directed by Patrick Daughters.


Sunday evening’s Billboard Awards was a star studded event. The Weeknd dominated - scooping an incredible 8 awards and with performances from Britney and Rihanna, it was a night everybody has been talking about. However, the show was well and truly stolen, by none other than British powerhouse, Adele.

Adele did not actually attend the awards ceremony. Instead, she used the show to premiere the music video for her new single, ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’. The release of the video made waves on social media with tweets from Highsnobiety, Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair, applauding the video’s stunning visuals.

Mesmerising visuals

So what’s all the fuss about? Musically, Adele can pretty much do no wrong. Any new material she releases will be highly anticipated and well received.  However, Patrick Daughters has managed to create mesmerising visuals that match Adele’s incredible vocals, creating a fully immersive experience. It sounds like a recipe for success to us. Don’t take our word for it though, watch the full video here.

The video begins with Adele standing in front of a black backdrop, wearing a floaty, floral dress (Dolce & Gabbana SS16). The opening frames are fairly minimal and simple. However, as the beat kicks in, so do the visual effects. Adele’s image splits to create a trippy kaleidoscopic effect and the viewer is transported into a hypnotic world with multiple Adeles.  Gradually, the singing and dancing forms morph into different colours: blue to yellow to orange.

Perhaps this is a nod to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ iconic music video? ‘Send My love’ is definitely a little psychedelic and embodies a 1970s vibe. However, in true Adele style, she makes it completely her own. The experience has all the heightened intensity of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ but is more of a contemporary interpretation, making it relevant and engaging for a global audience.

Experience is everything

Adele has shown us that for brand marketing, experience is everything. ‘Send My Love’ engaged the world press and more importantly, the public through moving content and sound. The combination of emotive visuals and energetic vocals appeal to our senses (something, Adele is a master of) and successfully creates a connection with the audience.


Soon after the video debuted, Adele posted a clip on Instagram. 15 hours later, the video had well over 1 million views and almost 12000 comments!

We think you’ll agree that ‘Send My Lover (To Your New Lover)’ is a beautiful music video to accompany a soon to be, Adele classic. But what can brands take from this? Music videos are by no means, anything new but reinventing engaging content for your brand is now a marketing trend that can not be ignored. True brand experience is now offering something with a new energy and enthusiasm that we’ve not seen before.

You may not have the global platform that Adele has to promote your product but creating visually experimental content will build an invaluable relationship with your consumer. There has been a huge spike in brands offering experiential activity as part of their broader campaigns, as we’ve realised that appealing to emotion is essential for building a loyal customer.  

Who better to create this engaging content but the consumers themselves? We’ve been showing brands for a while now, that having a shareable activity at their event brings about amazing results. Let’s break it down a bit; your consumer creates Adele-esque content, using your product and shares to their audience; potentially converting a new audience.

Mod Booth

Our Mod booth embraces the energy needed to produce engaging and shareable content. With a number of added effects, your guests can recreate Adele’s music video with a split image colour burst effect or in the form of an energetic GIF. The experience will be something worth sharing, and it only takes one social influencer with a significant following to be impressed by the activity, for your brand to achieve a whole new reach.

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