We've Won Gold!

25th Sep

We’ve just been announced as the IPM 'COGS Company of the Year' 2017!


We’re proud to announce that we’ve been voted as the IPM COGS 'Company of the Year' for 2017!

Last Friday the 22nd of September, we were invited to attend the IPM (Institute of Promotional Marketing) COGS Awards 2017, held at the luxurious St Pancras Renaissance Hotel located in Euston, London.

The COGS Awards were launched in 2010 by the IPM - as a way to recognise the contribution made by marketing service providers, and their part in creating the success of marketing campaigns. They work to provide best-practice guidelines and represents the interests of promotional marketing practitioners within the UK and in the EU.  

Once at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, were welcomed to join guests on the Hansom Hall Terrace for champagne, overlooking London in the last of the summer sun. We were then brought through to Hansom Hall - the massive space that would hold the awards.

With the Awards taking place over three hours, it was a great opportunity for us to meet fellow guests, learn more about their agencies and eagerly watch the first half of the awards, introduced by Carey Trevill, the IPM Managing Director and hosted by comedian Tom Allen.

After the first 7 categories were called, and winners were announced by the host, we were presented with a lovely three-course meal (to soak up some red wine) and to congratulate our new friends at our table for their wins of gold and silver awards.

Jumping right into the second half of the awards, nerves were getting high as the final categories were called; Then we heard the magic words, “The Flash Pack for Company of the Year 2017”, called by Tom Allen.

Going to the stage to collect our award, and with the shock not quite set in, we went up to the stage to collect our award as the IPM COGS 'Company of the Year', and to have our photos taken by the press.

IPM COGS 2017 - The Flash Pack 'Company of the Year'

We are thankful for the elite panel of judges who worked hard, and no doubt faced some tough decisions in judging each of the 16 categories.

One judge was quoted saying that we had ”revolutionised the photo opportunity and made a significant impact on the industry.”

It's from receiving these awards that we can take the time to appreciate our industry, and reflect back on the past year’s work. Massive appreciation also goes to our amazing clients who work with us in creating innovative and evocative content.

The biggest thanks of course, goes to our ultra-talented team - who work hard to push the envelope on each and every project; Reaching past the boundaries for what has been previously achievable, and what we strive to achieve in the future.

Our Company of the Year award is displayed in pride of place at The Flash Pack studio, and we are already looking forward to next year’s IPM COGS Awards for 2018.